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    • is his philosophy-oriented website.
      * Equalism, dissertazione su una nuova etica(Equalism, short treatise on a new ethic) is an essay written by Dr. Moi in 2004
      * On is also published Mente e coscienza in Daniel Dennett (Mind and consciousness in Daniel Dennett), his Phd thesis.

Danilo Moi

Dr. Danilo Moi works on web projects since 2001.

Since 2004 works as developer in different areas of information technology (software development, database design, web development and system administration) cooperating with many firms and companies that, directly or indirectly, operate in these areas.

His technical interests lie mainly in programming languages theory and database's theory.

His humanistic culture has a strong background of mathematics, logic, epistemology and, obviously informatics.

In philosophy his interests start from ethics, politics and economy to reach ontology and philosophy of mind.