Danilo Moi works since 2004 as developer in different areas of information technology [...]
Iskida Databases
Iskida Databases is the IT studio of Danilo Moi

A winning project needs an effective professional support.
In every area, and all the more so in information technology, the conditio sine qua non for success is made up with high-skilled resources.

Expertise and competence emerge after years of experience and quality and excellence cannot be reached without passion, study, investigation and research.

Our experience is made up with a long-term passion.
  • - In web development our specialty is the design of integrated systems.
    • Generally speaking we talk about frameworks and/or cms' but a complex web system could number many frameworks, sometimes on different platforms and technologies, cms', blog engines, image/video services, ad servers/clients, payments systems, crm, centralized authentication and profiling, subscription management, web services, social networks' integration.
      Building from scratch all these components could be really money wasting and time consuming.
      After years of experience we can offer a notable portfolio of, fast, tested, scalable and reliable techincal solutions
  • - Web publishing
    • A content oriented business needs effective and usable content management systems, sometimes with peculiar and specific features.
      If a project has a history tends to be eterogeneous and so made up with different products and technologies.
      Our specialty in web development is the design and support of eterogeneous systems where different softwares work, integrated, in a unicum.
  • - Tecnologies
    • Php frameworks
      Dframe™ by Iskida Databases: with Dframe we define the better part (and the reusable one) of our code, tecnical solutions, architectural patterns that, accross the years, we have coded, used, and developed.
      Zend Framework
      Xplode™ by Iskida Databases (Data oriented-framework, abadonware)
    • LAMP platform (Linux-Php/Perl-apache-Mysql better: Postgresql)
      For data-persistence, when possible, we prefer NOsql solutions
      Regarding existing open source platforms (ex: drupal, wordpress, joomla etc etc) we always prefer to confine the usage to the backend part of the project, developing frontends with our software (Dframe).
  • - Products
    • Mutifunctional portals
    • Intranet systems
    • E-comerce platforms
    • E-learning platforms
    • Social networks is a net into the net.
      The web experience of millions of users is today jailed into facebook and its most popular apps.
      A small facebook app could be a great bridge, for your company and its services, to these users.
Web is a multiverse where all the areas of information technology work in synergy.
Among these areas we attempt to excel, providing high standards, in software development and database design.
We preferer and support free platforms, languages and technologies.
- C/C++ programming (preferably) in GNU/Linux environments. (gcc/g++)
- Programmig and scripting in all c-like languages (Java, Php, Javascript)
Each application/software is modelled on enterprise frameworks.
So we can extend, modify, integrate and support our products with a full guarantee of quality and efficency.
Our passion is the design and development of databases and database management systems.
- Information technology is data management
  • - Why databases will be so important
    • The informatization of each aspect of our existence and oactivities will imply the obvious needing of a reliable, fast and secure management of the vast amount of the implied data.
      The administration and the control of this data will surely create not only a huge market but also a tremendous power.
      To invest now in this kind of technologies will have incalculable implications.
  • - Object Databases/no-sql databases
    • This kind of databases are today the bridge for the future evolution to "total" databases.
      The number of projects, experiments, products in this area is enormous.
      Some examples.
      - Mongodb (Completely sql-free)
      - Apache Cassandra (We indeed got some doubts about Java language)
      - Hypertable (A relational database, and hql is a subset of sql, but is notable for being strongly oriented to distributed calcolous)
  • - Relational Databases
    • Relational databases are only a particular, and limited, modality in databases theory but they are, with sql, the mainstream data-oriented technology.
      We support sql and the most popular realational databases.
      - postgresql
      - mysql
      - sqlite (exspetially on client-side applications)
Data and data-persistence will tend to be integrated natively in programming languages, not only: many peculiar and exclusive aspects of dbms will became essential and primary parts of operating systems.
Administration of GNU/Linux operating systems
Our business is mainly web development.
In our projects we always prefer to follow at least the main items of the system administration.
- GNU/Linux rpm based operating system (Red Hat/Centos/Fedora)
- Deploys' and upgrades' management, mirroring, load balancing.
- Plannig of security policies, backups, and disaster recovery.